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Work in Progress

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I am also working on a book manuscript entitled Social Ontology Naturalized that aims to undermine the intuitive contrast between society and nature. I develop and argue for a radical view: many social kinds are natural kinds like those studied in the natural sciences. Moreover, social kinds, like many paradigmatically natural kinds, have real as opposed to merely nominal essences. These results lay the groundwork for a unified and systematic view of social kinds different from those on offer in the social ontology literature.

In addition to offering a general account of the metaphysics of social kinds, I also address several issues that are of particular concern to feminist philosophers. In particular, I defend a novel view of gender according to which genders are historical categories with political origins. I also defend an externalist view of social kind terms and concepts that helps to undermine transexclusionary arguments. Finally, I show how my externalist view of social kind terms and concepts reveals new sources of epistemic injustice.